What We Offer

Since 1970 our mission has been to provide the San Fernando Valley with quality psychotherapy that is also low-fee. Although good psychotherapy is usually costly, we are able to offer it on a sliding scale thanks to our many volunteers and donors.

We treat a wide range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, trauma, addictions, and more. Therapy is provided by trainees who are carefully selected, held to the highest standards, and supervised by licensed clinicians with many years of experience.


Individual Therapy

One-on-one sessions with a therapist focused on helping you grow, recover, and reach your treatment goals. Therapy may be once weekly or more often, depending on your needs.


Couples Therapy

You and your partner meet with a therapist who maintains a neutral stance to help clarify unspoken relationship difficulties and increase intimacy, pleasure, and satisfaction


Family Therapy

You and your family meet with a therapist who helps resolve difficulties by fostering healthier communication and mutual understanding among family members.

Child Therapy

Your child meets one-on-one with a therapist who uses a combination of talk and play to help your child verbalize feelings and reduce behavior problems.


Parent-Infant dyadic therapy

Becoming a new parent is an enormous life change, full of unexpected, confusing and even overwhelming new emotions. Approximately 20% of new mothers experience postpartum depression or anxiety, with symptoms including:

Excessive worry, persistent sadness, unexplained anger or irritability, panic, extreme fatigue, feeling isolated, changes in sleep and appetite, difficulty doing daily tasks and/or concentrating, difficulty making decisions, lack of pleasure.

You may also experience feelings that can be difficult to discuss with others, such as:

Struggling to bond with your baby; feeling inadequate and/or guilty; intrusive thoughts about, or fears of being alone with, your baby; hopelessness; suicidal or homicidal thoughts.

What’s more, your baby is also dealing with so many new feelings — feelings that he or she can’t put into words yet – making your job seem so much harder.

Valley Community Counseling Clinic’s Parent-Infant Dyadic Program provides a safe place for mothers, and/or fathers, and their baby to sort through all these new feelings together. We offer parent-infant psychotherapy with trained professionals, and our rates are sliding scale to meet your financial needs. Studies show psychotherapy significantly affects maternal well-being, which leads to an improved mother-child relationship and happier, healthier, more resilient babies… and parents!

Let VCCC help you and your baby understand and ease the stresses of adapting to one another, so that together you both can develop a better, more satisfying footing for the life journey ahead.