What Sets VCCC Apart

The type of treatment offered at VCCC, psychodynamic, has been carefully thought through to address your life situation, and offers a path towards growth. The five pillars below describe our treatment philosophy, and our commitment to working with you to develop a deep understanding of the meanings of your emotional distress and to help you develop a richer and more meaningful life.


OPEN-ENDED Therapy for lasting results

In today’s society health care is often rushed, and it may be difficult to find time to focus on your emotional well-being. We believe that offering quality therapy means allowing you the time you need to explore your inner life without being rushed or pressured, and that this approach yields the most lasting results. For this reason we do not limit the number of sessions. You and your therapist can decide how long you want to work together.

Getting to the root of your difficulties

Psychological and emotional problems can sometimes feel confusing, especially when they result from issues that are unconscious—involving beliefs or feelings outside one’s awareness. Our therapeutic approach, known as psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy, focuses on helping you get beneath the surface so that you can resolve the deeper issues that underlie your symptoms or struggles.



Insight That Fosters Change

We believe quality psychotherapy should be a genuine learning experience, where each session produces new insights into yourself. Our therapists create a safe, supportive environment, while also knowing when to challenge old habits and beliefs that may be preventing you from enjoying life fully or reaching your potential. You will be invited to speak freely, and we are skilled at helping you share your thoughts, feelings, dreams, or fantasies, including those that might otherwise be difficult to express. What initially appears unimportant sometimes yields crucial insights and breakthroughs in a person’s recovery.


Understanding Your Past to Improve Your Present

Oftentimes past experiences can affect a person many years later, leading to anxiety, depression, or problems with work or intimacy. Our therapists are trained to help you understand your past in order to free you from old patterns and increase your ability to enjoy life in the present. Old expectations or feelings from prior relationships may even show up within your relationship with your therapist. This is often helpful, because it gives you and your therapist an opportunity to understand your interpersonal patterns “live” during your therapy session, which can be a powerful way to foster meaningful growth and change.


Treating You as A Whole Person

In addition to addressing symptoms, such as chronic anxiety or depressed mood, our therapists aim to help you develop your strengths and grow as a person. Our clients often find they make progress in unexpected ways that allow them to discover more fulfillment in life, relationships, or their work. These could include healthier self-esteem, greater capacity to develop your talents, a more nuanced understanding of yourself and others, deeper intimacy in relationships, a sense of freedom, or overall well-being.