Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m ready to start therapy! What now?
Great! The first step is to call our intake line or email us. Leave a message with your name, phone number, and good times to reach you. One of our intake therapists will call you back within a week to schedule a phone intake. The phone intake is a 30-40 minute conversation to discuss what you want to work on in therapy and answer any questions you have. The intake therapist will also ask you questions to help us match you with one of our therapists. You will get a call from your assigned therapist when a time opens up that fits your availability.

I’ve never been to therapy before. What is it like?
Therapy at VCCC consists of weekly 50-minute meetings with your therapist.  Typically you might start by discussing what has been on your mind, something you have been struggling with, events in your life, or feelings you are having. Your therapist will listen carefully and offer insight and feedback, paying special attention to long-standing patterns, or emotions that are avoided. Our therapists are skilled in helping you get to the root of your difficulties, in order to better understand yourself, heal from past traumas, find a life of meaning, and grow as a person.

What should I expect from my first face-to-face session?
Your first session will be an in-person intake.  Your therapist will start getting to know you, learning about your current struggles and personal history, and exploring what you want to gain from therapy. Together you and your therapist will decide if it’s a good match. If you have concerns or it does not feel like the right fit, feel free to let your therapist know. That way they can adjust their approach, help you better understand the process, or find a different therapist if needed. 

How often are therapy sessions?
Most clients see their therapist at once a week. We find that coming at least once a week is important to making progress. Some clients come twice a week or more, depending on individual needs and preferences.

How long can I see a therapist at VCCC?
We remain one of the few clinics in Los Angeles where no limits are placed on treatment length or session frequency. That means you can see a VCCC therapist for as long as you need to. If at some point you or your therapist feel therapy is not helping you, they will talk with you about alternatives.

I work full-time. Can I schedule an appointment in the evening or on the weekend?
Yes, the clinic is open from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday through Friday and 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays.

What can I do to make my therapy successful?
Therapy is a collaboration between you and your therapist. Part of the success of therapy depends on you: showing up consistently, trying to be as honest as you can, and letting your therapist know how you are feeling--in life and in the therapy itself. Sharing personal thoughts and feelings is not always easy, but your therapist will work to help you feel comfortable. It also helps to set realistic expectations: real change happens gradually. Developing new perspectives and behaviors takes time and persistence.

How does your sliding scale fee work?
Our mission is to provide affordable quality therapy, so your fee will depend on your income and current circumstances. You and your therapist will decide on a fee during your first in-person session. Since most of our funding comes from client fees we do not offer free therapy at this time.

What are my therapist’s qualifications?
All VCCC therapists are enrolled in Masters & Doctoral programs and are earning hours toward licensure in California. They are supervised by licensed mental health professionals with extensive psychotherapy experience.  Because of VCCC’s reputation as an excellent psychoanalytic therapy training site, we are consistently able to attract trainee therapists who are talented, emotionally mature, and insightful.

I have a substance abuse problem. Is VCCC right for me?
It depends on various factors, such as the severity of the addiction, the type of substance, and whether a person has access to additional support, such as a recovery program. Therapy at VCCC can be an important part of a person’s recovery, but in some cases it may be recommended that you seek help for your substance abuse before entering therapy at VCCC. A therapist can help you figure out what’s right for you during your phone intake.

Where will my sessions take place?
All therapy sessions will take place at our North Hollywood offices, which provides a safe, comfortable, accessible, and confidential atmosphere. We are conveniently located at 6400 Laurel Canyon Ave, Suite 260, North Hollywood, CA 91606. Ample free street parking is available nearby, as well as in the building’s parking garage for a fee.

How do I contact my therapist?
You can call your therapist by dialing (818) 763-2084 and entering their extension. If you do not know your therapist’s extension, press 8 for the directory.