What Our Trainees Say About Our Program… 

VCCC has provided a learning and nurturing environment beyond my expectations through excellent supervision, seminars, readings, and case discussions. I have received supervision from some of the best clinicians in Southern California. I am in an environment with peers at different levels of their careers, which has been inspiring and supportive every step of the way. At VCCC I have learned not only how to train toward becoming a competent psychodynamic clinician, but also how to prepare for success in private practice.
— Fary Jalili

VCCC has provided me with a vibrant intellectual and professional community genuinely interested in my professional and personal growth. Training here has given me a solid foundation in psychoanalytic theory and practice, especially because so many VCCC staff, faculty, and supervisors have themselves trained or taught in various psychoanalytic institutes throughout Southern California, and offer such diverse areas of expertise. I feel very fortunate to have found a training program so dedicated to the well-being of its members and community!
— Carlos A. Jimenez

I applied to Valley Community Counseling Clinic for its psychoanalytic orientation and focus on long-term therapy—opportunities that are increasingly rare. Before interviewing I worried I would need to be an expert in psychoanalytic theory, which I was pleased to learn was not the case. As long as a trainee has a basic familiarity and a genuine interest in learning to think and work more psychodynamically, that’s enough to thrive at VCCC. In many ways VCCC feels like working at a group private practice where the emphasis is always on providing clients with the highest quality of care. At the same time, it is a highly supportive environment for trainees, offering stellar supervision and a variety of learning opportunities.
— Kate Beauchene