Our Mission

Our mission is to provide in depth therapeutic services to adults, couples, families, teenagers, and children. We offer our clients long term therapy to support lasting growth and change. As a non-profit, we are able to offer these services on a sliding scale. VCCC is an affordable alternative for those in the San Fernando Valley without adequate health insurance benefits and who do not have the ability to pay for expensive private practice treatment. Our mission is also to provide excellent training to those pursuing a mental health license; we offer pre and post doctoral internships for psychology, MFT, and MSW interns.

VCCC History


Nearly fifty years ago our clinic started with a counseling and legal department. During that time we have served the mental health needs of many in the San Fernando Valley and its surroundings who are either uninsured or cannot afford a typical private practice fee. We have built a strong reputation for both our therapeutic services and quality training.

Over the years, both our Counseling Department and the clinic as a whole continued to grow. The original clinic became Valley Community Healthcare—a network of community health centers with a primarily medical focus—while our Counseling Department continued its focus on mental health. In 2016, with support from VCH, we relocated to offices nearby and successfully established ourselves as Valley Community Counseling Clinic—an independent non-profit counseling clinic. We remain dedicated to and inspired by the mission that started our clinic over 47 years ago: to provide quality, affordable mental health services, as well as excellent training for the next generation of mental health professionals. We remain fortunate to be part of a vibrant psychoanalytic community that supports this cause.